Education Week: Learning for Life; Success for All

Throughout the week, we will have ongoing STOP, DROP and READ. Every student and staff member must, at all times, and in all places carry a book. When the signal sounds, everyone in the school stops what they are doing, drops everything and reads for 15 mins…be you in the hallway, the office, the can, stop, drop and read. The reading police will come around to punish the violators. We will have two of these “signals” on Monday…and then randomly throughout the week.

Tuesday will be “career day” where students dress up as a career, or as something they want to be when they grow up…staff can dress up as well. For more information please refer to letter sent home on Friday, October 15.

On Wednesday SRC hosting Staff Appreciation Day activities…many of which are still to be determined, but the SRC will be providing lunch for the staff on Wednesday.

We will have Paired Reading on Thursday. In period 3 older students will read to and with younger students. Period 5 will be a Celebration of Saber Athletics, highlighting the sports and athletes of our school. It will also be a Saber Pride Day.

We still have some room for ideas for Friday but at lunch will be the STAFF vs. Intra-mural All-Stars volleyball game at lunch.