Grade 4 & 5 News

Wow! October already!? We have had a lot of fun since we started the year, making sure to do some learning along the way. After a few weeks of learning to write strong para- graphs, we are just days away from starting our autobiog- raphies in ELA. Science has taken us in the direction of Light, how it is produced, absorbed and travels. Mrs. Kinzel has been teaching our Social Studies class and we are learning about First Nations and Metis history in Canada and Saskatchewan. In Grade 4, we have finished our first Math Makes Sense Unit- Patterns and Equations and are moving on to Unit 2- Whole Numbers. We have done some amazing optical illusion art and are not moving on to fall and Halloween themed art projects.

Our class bubble gum machine is almost full!! It seems as though the students have been ‘Chewsing’ good books to read! When the machine is completely full, the class is in for a surprise!

Ms. Angela Rancourt