Grade 8 News

In Social Studies they are completing a section on “How Canadians Govern Them- selves” on the structure and function of governments at all levels. In Industrial Arts they have started designing wood projects, such as mirrors, and are completing the exam on common tool names and functions in the shop. In Home Ec. they have started sewing. In  Health/Guidance they are starting a computer game called “The Real Game” about careers and general workplace skills and character traits. In Math they are now working with Integers and starting to graph coordinates on X Y quadrants. In Science they have started a research project on specifically assigned “Body Systems”. Physical Education continuing a games unit with Tchoukball and soon Basketball is just around the corner. Early in the New Year a winter activities unit will start over at the curling and skating rinks. A certain very few of the Grade Eights are still working on keeping the area around their desks clean and organized so it is safe for everyone who passes by.