Grade 12 News

Once upon a time, there was a group of Grade 12 students who were starting their last semester of school.  These students were separated into two groups: the first group had English first thing in the morning and learned about Inner Beauty and how society shapes our thoughts on what beauty means, while the second group made resumés in preparation for their future.  Every day after English, the first group took a treacherous journey across the dreaded hallway to Prakashland to learn about Physics and Kinematics.  Some of these Grade 12’s were brave enough to risk the perils of Calculus, but before they could face that feared Mathematical Dragon, they needed to review and practice their previous Math training. Biology was considered to be of use for both groups of students, so all declared “Yes, we will Biologize!” And they did, by exploring the building blocks that make up the Human Body.  Amidst all of this rigorous learning, the youthful Grade 12’s kept themselves in top shape in Physical Education. They also set forth on their most exciting adventure yet: Planning Graduation. Oh the wonders of being in Grade 12. The End.