Grade 6 News

We have been busy adding and subtracting decimals. Students are catching on quickly. Our flight unit in science is really taking off so to speak. Trying to figure out the most aerodynamic shape, the students are really coming up with some creative designs as well as some flops but we all learn from our mistakes. If you get a chance to come to the grade 6 room come and see our origami scenes. We have done some cooperative games in Phys. Ed.  Can you guess what activity they like the best?  If you said floor hockey you would be right. The potluck meal we had during the “no bus” days was enjoyed and we will have another when we are sure the weather will cooperate.  We went on a field trip with Dundurn grade 6’s to get to know them as we will be together in grade 7. It was a lot of fun.

From Mr. Vedress grade 6 class.