Grade 8 News

In Social Studies we are looking at the issues of the history of Treaties and First Nations. In Physical Education we are trying to organize going to the rink/curling rink to have some fun! We will be starting a Badminton Unit shortly.  In Science we are looking at Forces, Fluids and Density.  Finally, in Industrial Arts, we have started to draft in 3D and complete Isometric drawings. Health class is focusing on Emotional Maturity and Career Guidance is finishing a project on Finances and Budgeting after getting a job from an online work experience game. Math has us doing a Perimeter and Area review. Then we will begin a section on Volume and Capacity. While in English we are working through the novel “The Giver”.  In Art Class we are studying Frescos and are starting a Fresco project.  In Home Ec. we just started a new semester and right now we are doing a review of Lab Procedures, Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Safety, and Proper Use of Equipment.