Grade 4 & 5 News

This weather has really convinced us that Spring is on the way! We have accomplished a lot in the last month and are keeping our momentum. We just finished up with our Novel Study Bridge to Terabithia. We had the chance to build a Bridge to help out the main character Jess get to Terabithia and had a great time using our imagination and building skills! Come check out the bridges if you get a chance!

We are learning about the History of Canada in Social Studies and are now learning about the time of the Fur Trade and Treaties. This next month is going to be an interesting adventure in all subjects. The Changing Properties of Objects in Science, The Fur Trade, The Treaties, Drama and a new novel study, Holes. We have also become little horticulturists recently; you will see results in the near future! Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces at Parent-Teacher Interviews on the 21st and 22nd, please call the office to book an interview!