Grade 8 News

In Social Studies we are finishing our examination of First Nations history, pre-contact, post-contact (fur trade), and modern-day issues. In Physical Education we are finishing Badminton and a few classes at the Curling Rink. We start Fitness testing very soon! In Health we are looking at Emotions and how we can learn to control them, and not let them control us. In Career Guidance we are studying Multiple Intelligences and how we can understand them to help us in selecting career paths. In Art we are doing studies on Impressionism now. In Industrial Arts, we are drafting BIG Isometric drawings, and looking forward to studying the new power tools we get to use this year in the shop. Finally, in Home Ec., we are working on our Flour Mixtures Unit. In Math we have just finished having an exam. While in English we working on the novel “The Giver”.