Grade 7 News

Wow! Our year has simply flown by! The end of the year for Grade 7 students has been busy. We have been wrapping up units in all of our core content areas. We will be ending the year by finishing up with poetry in ELA, geometry in math, First Nations Culture in Social, and the Earth’s crust in science. On Friday, June 15th, our class ventured out to the Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Centre. We took part in team building activities/challenges, zip line and high ropes courses. I have to say I  am very proud of all of the students for challenging themselves in all the tasks. Furthermore, our chaperones were outstanding as well! Thank you to all of our chaperones: Charlotte Hawes, Julie Bellina, Kevin Lester, Renee Adams, Lyanne Leuschen, Tim and Lacey Schroeder, and Char Seymour.

On June 22, our class will be going to the home of Charlotte Hawes, where she will provide our crew with lunch, with activities to follow. Also, Julie and Jason Bellina have offered to bring the class lunch on the final day of classes (June 27). Thanks so much! We appreciate it!

In closing, I would like to thank the Grade 7 class of 2011-2012 for a wonderful year. The positive personality, strong work ethic, and fabulous sense of humour demonstrated by each person were what made the year an absolute joy. Thank you to all the parents for their support and involvement throughout the year. Finally, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer!