Kindergarten & Grade 1

The K/1 class has had an exciting month! Our medieval feast was awesome! Thank you to everyone for providing food. The students looked great all decked out as princesses and knights! The Grade 1s are writing stories based on pictures we take on nature walks. They try to listen to the sounds the letters make when writing words and are beginning to form proper sentences. The Kindergartens have been doing a variety of fine motor activities to begin the year. We have been practicing cutting with proper technique (no chicken arms, little cuts, and cutting away from ourselves). This month the Art Centre opens up during play time. We have had a giant cardboard castle in there that we have had many fun days with. I am excited to see what other creations the kids will come up with! In math the Grade 1s are focusing on representing numbers to 20 and the Ks are learning about sorting and patterns. I enjoyed seeing the families come out the tri-conferences! If these dates didn’t work for you, please contact me to set up an alternate time.