Grade 9

We have really enjoyed our November, and life, both in and out of school, continues to be very busy. Our Football and Volleyball seasons were very successful and now that they’ve wrapped up, we’re getting excited for Basketball and Curling. The annual Take our Kids to Work Day was really successful and we were able to develop a new appreciation for our parents and how hard they work each day.

In ELA, we’ve finally finished Romeo and Juliet. (We loved it) Now¬†we are embarking on our own Independent Novel Studies. In Social Studies we are continuing to delve deep into Ancient Civilizations. Amazing. They are almost as amazing as our current civilization which we find ourselves also discussing at great lengths.

We have been recruited by the Christmas Festival folks to prepare backgrounds for the Family Portraits and we are honored to be a part of what will no doubt become treasured family heirlooms for you and yours.

Our Element Exploration is wrapping up in Science class and Mr. Howie continues to show us the magic of Mathematics. He’s doing a great job. Mr. Tucker continues to give us good healthy leadership in Health class and from the office. Phys. Ed, Home Ec and IA continue to be our favorites, but who can blame us? Well, we’ll let you go, because we know you likely have to start your Christmas shop- ping! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Mr. Graham.