Grade 9 News

In this season as we approach the season of love and Valentines, we thought it would be fitting if we told you, the dear readers, about some of the things we love. We love school and learning. We love it when Ms. Prakash starts a new unit in Science class, especially a unit on the Solar System. We love working with acrylics while messing with colour and shape in Art Class. We loved the Polynomials unit in math and we are very sorry to see it go. We love healthy minds and healthy bodies, so of course we love Mr. Tucker’s Health class. We love where we are, but we also love thinking about where we are going, as in the future. In ELA we read Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron. The first line of the story is “It’s the year 2081, and everyone is finally equal.” Intrigued? I’ll bet you are. This theme of equality has seeped into our Social studies class as we look at equality, or the lack thereof, in the societies and cultures of our past.

The near future brings a new semester and a few changes to our schedule. We’ll be switching Home Ec and IA, and Mr. Graham will be taking over our Health class. All in all, things are good and we’re having fun and we’re excited about all that is to come.