Grade 2 & 3 News

February brings yet another change for the Grade 2/3 class. My last day will be February 15, then Mrs. Romanchuk returns after the break. In the last few days before the break, we’ll be wrapping up our Owls in the Family novel study, working on our measurement units in Math and continuing our Health classes along with Mr. Cory. I’ve had a wonderful time teaching the 2/3s. I’ve been so impressed by their growth and creativity. I’m making sure to fit some cool Art and Language Arts projects into our last couple of weeks to tap into that creative spirit. There are a few other fun events happening this month too. Keagan & Brody earned Saber awards for their great attitudes, bright outlooks and hard work! We also had our Bunch of Munsch puppet show day with the Dundurn students, and of course Valentine’s Day brings celebration and sweet treats to our room! I will miss this class and being part of the Hanley staff. I hope I’ll be able to stop in to see how everyone is doing throughout the rest of the year. Good Luck 2/3! Miss Stefanson