Grade 8 News

In Grade 8 I.A., the boys are working on their woods projects. In Grade 8 Home Ec. the girls are working on sewing. Math is covering ratios, rates, and percentages. In Science, the class is looking at the effects of forces in and on objects in fluids, including

the buoyant force. In Social Studies, the students are researching and analyzing Citizenship. In ELA, we are still working on a novel study called “The Giver”. In Health class, the students continue to work on Decision Making. Currently, they are on Habit

6 – “Synergize” and then finally on to the last Habit 7 “Sharpen the Saw”. In Physical Education we are impatiently waiting for Spring so we can start Track and Field. We are filling the time with extra games dreaming of heat and the outdoors.