From The Office

By the calendar on my wall beside me, it appears there are only six more school days ahead for students. That num- ber includes days for writing final exams that start this week on Thursday. The whirlwind that is final class trips, exams and studying, marking, comments, report cards, cleaning up rooms, course selections for next year, supply lists, student handbook revisions and class lists is in full swing and we’re all running to catch up.

We’ve had a number of special events take place since I last sent out a “From the Office” message and I’m pleased to see so many things still happening at Hanley School in the last week.

Good luck to our graduating students as they finish off the school year and make their plans for this summer and next year. Everything looked and went wonderful on June 14. Thanks Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Prakash for your work as advisors and helping the plans of the graduates take shape for their celebration.

This Friday, our Elementary students will be taking part in the annual Try-all-athon with the students from Dundurn. Students will run, swim and bike their course and enjoy a day with the other kids as they participate. Great work, everyone!

Our annual Play Day and Track and Field Day went well on June 10th with the students from Dundurn again travelling to Hanley to take part. Students again enjoyed a day of activity and play with a great comment by one student I wanted to in- clude here, “Best Day Ever!”

I’d like to give you a quick staffing update for the fall to make you aware of some changes we’ll be seeing. Mrs. Martineau will be returning in the fall as our Kindergarten teacher. The class is large enough in numbers that the other elementary grades will see new combinations for next year. Grade 1-2 will have Mrs. Romanchuk as their teacher. Miss Adelman is returning to our school in the fall to teach Grade 3-4 until Jan- uary when Mrs. Koroll will re- turn from her maternity leave. Mrs. Pozniak and her family have made a move to St. Louis this spring and she doesn’t have plans to return to teach at Hanley. We’re sad to see you go Mrs. Poz, but we’d like to wish you well in the future! We’re also going to have to say farewell to Ms. Stefanson as she is making a bigger move to Ontario this year. Good luck to you as well in the future, Ms. Stefanson! The grade 5-6 class will have Mrs. Bishop Moisan as their teacher and we’ll see Mrs. Bain return in the fall. The remainder of classes will be taught by much the same teachers as this year in grades 7-12 with some minor shifts due to some splits in the grade 8 class. Everyone can agree that it’s better to have a lower student-teacher ratio for student contact, so we’ll take advantage of some various combinations to give them the best educational opportunities through smaller class sizes the next few years.

Lastly, I just want to leave you this year with a comment about my thanks again for the support you provide Mr. Anderson and I and the rest of the staff when we work together in the best interests of your students. We appreciate it. That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker Principal
Hanley Composite School