Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s the end of June already! Time sure flies when you are having fun! Just a reminder that we will be heading over to CC Pool for our year-end pool party on Tuesday, as well as enjoying some time in the sun at thespray park on Wednesday.

We have had some specials guests in our classroom as my parents brought my daughter out for a visit! My mom, a retired teacher, completed an art project with the kids and did some singing with them. The kids have sure enjoyed our novel study, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”. We are just finishing up the book and then we will watch the movie next week. The kids have also got into a nice routine with our guided reading centers, that we have every morning. They seem to really enjoy rotating through different ELA activities as I read with a small group. The grade three’s just finished a math unit on multiplication, while the grade two’s recently finished our data management unit, where we collected data and made different types of graphs. We have also been learning about Canada in social studies and have been completing different experiments in science, for our motion unit.

Thanks for a wonderful few months back in the classroom! I hope that everyone has a terrific

and fun summer! Mrs. Romanchuk