Grade 9 News

Well, the Grade 9 camping trip has come and gone. It was amazing. Thank you to all of the chaperones who came with us. You worked hard and we know this trip cannot happen without you. Thanks also to Harold who drives a bus like no one else. School itself continues to be invigorating even though Spring fever has hit hard. In ELA, we have had some very interesting discussions and worked through some fascinating case studies about people who were faced with incredible choices in Nazi Germany. What is the difference between a child soldier in Sierra Leone and a Hitler Youth member in World War II? Why do we feel so differently about them? Our Sunflower study has really challenged us. In Social Studies we’re learning about globalization. Where in the world would be the best place to build a chocolate bar factory? We based our decision on availability and cost of resources, as well as labour costs and ethical practices. Pretty fascinating. In Health class, we continue talking about Adolescent issues and relationships. Math has us looking and working with the basics of angles, circles and trigonometry. Good stuff. Science has us looking at cells, the building blocks of life. It’s been a great year and we thank all the teachers and staff for making it so. See you next year!