Grade 9 News

My Grandmother used to say, “Life is pretty sweet when all of your dreams are coming true. Not the scary dreams though”. I was never really sure what she meant by that, but I think, right now, I’m beginning to understand. This Grade 9 bunch is an amazing group and together we are learning and experiencing some big things. For instance, in Math we continue to divide fractions, while Chemistry has been the order of the day in Science class. If that isn’t enough, Miss Fransoo and Mr. Kirk have us exploring Norse mythology in ELA. Mr. Woods has us making screen printing on T-shirts. It’s very fun.

Mr. Graham has started a home business selling his own brand of canned soup. He calls it Big Joe’s Soup Fantastico. Great name, but sales have been very slow to say the least. So, in Health class we’re helping him understand how to market a product to teenagers. We’re putting together some targeted advertising to help him move some product and make a little money. (Just pretending though)

In Social Studies, we somehow got onto the topic of Holodomor. If you don’t know what that is, you’re not alone. Most people have no idea about it. That is a shame. We plan to get the word out by the end of the month. Everybody needs to know. Please ask any of us about it. We will be conducting an Holodomor awareness project at the end of the month. Pay attention.

205 days until the canoe trip. The Grade 9’s