Kindergarten News

We have been having a great time in Kindergarten this month.

Here are a few things that we’re keeping busy with:

  • Math: We had a lot of fun with patterns and now we’re moving into sorting and describing. Ask us about our “Touchy-Feely Boxes”.
  • ELA: We have been busy with our ‘Story Acting’. Not only do we love writing our stories, we especially love to perform them! We have also been reading piles and piles of awesome books. We love to do Reader’s Responses. You can check out some of our work in the hallway outside of the classroom! We’ve also been having a blast with Mrs. McGregor working on ‘Animated Literacy’. We love to learn about letters of the alphabet!
  • Phys. Ed: We’ve been learning how to move our bodies in different ways. We’ve been crawling, sliding, rolling, hopping, etc. all over the place!
  • Social Studies: November was a great time for us to start learning about Remembrance Day, war, and peace! We’ve been learning that peace has many forms and can look different to different people.
  • Creative Play: We just got a PILE of recycled dress-up clothes. Let’s just say that there are about 85 costume changes during the day now! Thank-you to Andrea Townsend and the figure skating club for dropping those off for us.
  • Exciting: We are about to launch our “My Family” project. We want to learn about all of the Kindergarten families. The focus question is: “What’s Important to My Family?” I’d like to invite all families into the classroom during November/December to share with us what’s important to your family! This will look different to all families. It might be Dad coming in to share a family recipe with us, Mom coming in to read the favourite bedtime story in their family, Grandma coming in to tell a story about traditions in the family, or anything else that you’d like to do with your child(ren) to share with us about your family! Please remember that this is an invitation, not something that is mandatory! I am very aware that you are all very busy people! Email me if you’d like to book a time!

Important Dates:

  • November Kindergarten: 5, 7, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 27, and 29th
  • December Kindergarten: 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17, and 20th
  • Christmas Concert: Tuesday, December 17th (more info to come soon)
  • K-12 Christmas Banquet: Friday, December 20th