Grade 12 News

We are just hitting the end of semester one, and we could not be more excited! One more semester to go and we will see the end of our high school career! In English/History class, we are finishing up our course. We are reading a lot about the history of Batoche and the Metis, the Dirty 30’s, and anything else Mr. Kirk thinks is necessary to stuff into our brains. Ha ha. In Chemistry, we just finished up on our Acids
and Bases unit. Right before finals we are going to try to start another unit, just to make us students feel a little bit more stressed out. In Pre-Calculus 30, we have been trying to wrap up all our unit tests and get them corrected so we can start studying. We just finished chapter 8 and will be kind of working on chapter 9. In Home Ec, we have been learning a lot about our meats: beef, pork, poultry and fish. So far we have made meals out of a beef recipe and are still working on our other meat meals. We also have a test coming up on this unit so we should be meat professionals by Friday! And finally, in I.A the students have been finishing up their awesome wood projects.