Kindergarten News

We have started the new year rolling! We are continuing to have a lot of fun with our Grade 7 buddies. We get to read with them 2 out of 3 of our K days! We’re having a Valentine’s Day Potluck with them on February 14th that we’re really excited about. They’re bringing soup and sandwiches and we’re supplying the chocolate milk and desserts. Mmm!
We’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather (indoor recesses stink!).
We love the big snow hills in our schoolyard and we’ve been having so much fun sledding. One afternoon we made snow volcanoes in the soccer field! It made the snow look like snow cones…but we didn’t eat it!
We have a new “reading tent” on our carpet. It’s been a warm and cozy spot to dive into a book. In Math we’ve been working on numbers from 0-5. We really like to sing about “5 Little Monkeys” and “5 Hot Dogs”. We’ve still been working hard at Animated Literacy with Mrs. McGregor each morning. We’re starting to get the hang of our letter sounds! We just created watercolour masterpieces of “What Winter Looks Like To Me”. You can admire them outside of our classroom.
Enjoy the beautiful weather (while it lasts)!
~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau