Grade 9 News

Well, according to research, February is everyone’s least favorite month. By everyone, I mean Marshall, and by research I mean asking Marshall, a few minutes ago, what his least favorite month is. I don’t think Marshall is alone, however. It’s cold and dark and the snow piles are only outmatched by the homework piles. Thankfully we have our class and our daily adventures to keep us going until the lionly lambs of March arrive. School is certainly keeping us busy. In ELA, we have started a SELF-REFLECTION ESSAY about events that changed our lives. In Social Studies we are designing, manufacturing and marketing a new chocolate bar. Our plan has to involve importing our goods from other countries, comparing raw material, transportation and labour costs and conditions all over the world. We than have to determine how best to market this new product to the North American candy consumer. In Health class, we are looking at some of the issues that are affecting teenagers in 2014 and comparing them to the issues of teenagers in decades gone by. Fascinating. We’re also closely following the Winter Olympics as often as we can. Everyone is welcome to swing by and check out our pixel art Mario World bulletin board. It’s a work in progress, but what a work! The mighty, majestic meitosis process is the topic of our science classes of late and we’re solving polynomials in Math class. Got a problem? We can help. Well, stay warm, stay safe and feel free to ask us how we are doing.