Kindergarten News

Happy (almost) Spring to everyone!

It sure is nice to see the snow being replaced by big, tempting puddles! We’ve been busy in K working on Animated Literacy, Readers’ Workshop, numbers in Math, and learning about rainbows!

We tried to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day but only found treats instead. Maybe next year! The Ks were asked what they would do if they caught a leprechaun. Here are their responses:

  • Bridget: “He’s going to watch TV with me and have some food!”
  • Jordyn: “I’m gonna take his gold and buy My Little Ponies and Equestria Girls!”
  • Avery: “I’m gonna play Bub- blegum with him!”
  • Malikhi: “I’ll take him home and put him in a cage!”
  • Leanne: “I’ll take his gold away!”
  • Taylor: “I would keep him and take all his gold!”
  • Memphis: “I would tickle him so he would show me his gold. Then I would hold his hand.”
  • Maddox: “I would hold his hand.”
  • Delaney: “Keep him for a pet. I would feed him Lucky Charms and gold.”
  • Rhett: “Bring him home in the box and show him to mom. She would say: ahhhh!”
  • Constantine: “I’ll put him in a really nice place. Put him un- der my rainbow and take him home!”
  • Charlotte: “I would keep him in there (trap). I would ask him where his gold is.”
  • Emily: “Keep him and feed him cheese.”
  • Madeleine: “Bring him and play with him. Maybe play ball?”
  • Jessica: “I’m going to look in his eyes and get some gold!”
  • Noemi: “Keep him as a pet. I’ll make a home for him!”
  • Ryker: “Eat him up for supper. Mmm!”
  • Casey: “Release him after I look him in the eye!”
  • Zac: “I’m going to juggle him!”
  • Spencer: “I will eat him. I will cook him in the stove!”

Note to leprechaun: Stay away from Ryker and Spencer!

Feel free to pop in and see us any time!

~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau