Kindergarten News

Spring has sprung!
We cannot believe that there are less than 2 months left of Kindergarten. Where has the time gone? We have been keeping busy in the classroom and have also been going outside as often as we can.
Math – we are learning about shapes. We even went on a shape scavenger hunt around the school. We found lots!
ELA – we have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction (or unfiction as some of us say!) books. We are using sticky-notes to mark new learning in our books. We keep working hard in Animated Literacy with Mrs. McGregor.
Phys. Ed.- we have been playing cooperative games and continu-ing to work on our throwing/catching skills.
Science- the plants in our room are growing like crazy. We also have caterpillars (thanks Mrs. Kelbough) that we’re watching transform!

A few important dates:
May 20: Kindergarten Orientation (10-11AM)
May 22: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 26: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 28: Fieldtrip to BPs and Wet Paint Pottery. Bus leaves at 9:30, back by 2:30.
May 30: Trip planned to the local greenhouse
June 5: Elementary Track & Field Play Day at Hanley School
June 23: Kindergarten Learning Celebration 7-8PM
As always, feel free to pop in to see us whenever you get the chance. Our door is always open and we love visitors!
~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau