Grade 8 News

In Math, the grade 8’s are cur- rently studying integers! In ELA the students are working through a novel study of The Outsiders. While in Art, the students are working on Mask- making. In Science we are wrapping up the first three sec- tions of our unit about “Water Systems on Earth”, specifically; the geological forces that create fresh and salt water systems. We will finish this unit in early

November. In Health the students are working on their understanding of Self-Concept. PE is busy with Volleyball, and a variety of other games which include fitness components. We are getting ready for fitness testing that starts right away. In Social Studies we are looking at Multiculturalism and Immigration. In Home Ec. the grade eights have begun to sew their pajama pants and will learn the importance and develop their skills in proper fitting and pattern alterations. Finally, in IA the grade 8’s are finishing their use of the Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) unit. Some 8’s are moving into the refurbished woodworking shop and are having their first chance to design their own project.