Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

Hi K/1 Families,

We’re loving this turn to warmer weather and we’ve been enjoying lots of time outside! We have been very busy!

Ks- working on patterns and learning to make our own.
1s- working on writing numbers 1-20 (one-twenty) as numbers and as words.
Ks- Reader’s Workshop and beginning our Hand- writing Without Tears pro- gram
1s- Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop
Phys. Ed:
K/1- Respecting each other’s space/locomotor skills
Ks- Colours
1s: The 5 Senses
K/1: Being a good friend and solving friendship problems
Ks: Fall/Halloween Invitations
1s: Famous Artist’s Study (Currently working on Claude Monet)

As always, feel free to pop in to see us any time!
The K/1s & Mrs. Martineau