Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are keeping busy in K/1. You should come in and check out our Hot Chocolate Shop. We should warn you in ad- vance that our prices are pretty steep ($6 for a hot chocolate? An extra $7 for whipped cream? Whoa!).

In Reader’s Workshop we continue to practice what it means to be a ‘good reader’. We practice things like: picking a good spot to read, picking books that suit us, being able to retell stories based on the pictures, etc.

In Writer’s Workshop we’re working on: printing, letters and letter sounds, journals (Gr.1), etc.

In Grade 1 Math we are working with numbers from 0-20. In K Math we’re beginning to work on numbers from 0-10.

Phys. Ed. has us busy practicing different movement skills around the gym. We’re still working on not running into others or walls!

As always, feel free to come in and see us any time. We love visitors!

~The K/1s & Mrs. Martineau