From the Office

From all the reports I’ve heard thus far, many families and staff had a great break last week. As always, it’s nice to have an opportunity to spend time with family and friends and with some warm spring weather thrown in there, it sounds like it was well used. The playground and surrounding school yard is finally drying up a bit more, but some areas are still wet with mud and puddles – please continue to send the students to school with the appropriate footwear and jackets.

The School Community Council will meet next week and have been an important part of our plans to create reading corners in the school for students to read and work. We already created an area at the end of the elementary hallway and our future plans are to do something in the middle years hallway as well. I want to give thanks to the RBC in Hanley for offering to do some volunteer work for the school this month to help raise some funds for the reading corners – your time and your assistance is most welcomed.

I’d also like to recognize Blair’s Fertilizer Ltd as they provided some welcome support for the Pink Shirt Day at the start of the month. The school received a donation of shirts and some classroom activities took place recognizing how inclusion of all students and a positive environment help everyone.

Our Drama club performs their show, One Giant Leap, this week on Wednesday night and then again at Thursday night’s Dessert Theatre and as normal everyone is looking forward to it. The glimpses that I’ve caught of their practices prove again that the strong effort and hours of learning their lines and roles will pay off.

Our badminton season here at Hanley continues this week with junior playoffs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The senior playoffs will start next Wednesday with Hanley host- ing the first day and then playoffs continuing on April 25th. We had a large group of juniors this year and that makes for some bigger senior numbers in the future. I want to encourage more students to try to get involved as it was good to see the development this year. Great job everyone. Have your students keep their ears open for announcements about track practices starting soon now that the field is drying up.

I’m happy to say that we’ll see (and hear) some further construction in our school this spring, starting at the beginning of May. The work needed in the front lobby and main offices and lower hallway ceilings will begin, with work on the balcony surface to follow. This will interrupt some of our normalcy again for a while, but is an important job to get finished and we’re looking forward to it starting so we can see then end of the work one day soon, hopefully by September. As always, classes will continue and any disruptions to students and staff will be minimized. The crew from ConTech that did such a great job on the PAA rooms and lower classes will again be on site and they are a great group of guys to work with and very good around the students and staff.
That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mr. Tucker