Grade 1 & 3

The 1&3 class is off and rolling! We have been focusing on building our reading stamina. We are up to 14 minutes already! Both groups have been working on their writing skills. The 1s are being encouraged to sound words out and label their pictures. The 3s are paying attention to their spelling, capitalization, and word usage. In math, both groups are working on patterning. The 3s are exploring forces that repel and attract in science, and the 1s are learning about living things. In social studies, the 1s are learning about different types of families and are thinking about their own families. So far we have drawn family portraits and discussed the jobs each family member has around the house. The 3s are exploring their identity and how they fit into the world.
This will form a basis of comparison as we look at how other people live in different parts of the world. In phys. ed. we are focusing on volleyball skills and cooperative games and in health we are discussing how to get along with others. Students have painted beautiful watercolour selfportraits and created fingerprint fall trees. Don’t for-get to send your family photo!