Grade 2

Hello, not much has changed in the grade two class this month! We are very excited for our field trip to the Forestry Farm, Montana’s, and Flip Gymnastics on Thursday! The kids have been counting down for a while now! In math, we are continuing with our unit on numbers to one hundred, which will probably take us to the Christmas break. For ELA, we have been working on four out of the five Daily 5 choices: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Work on Writing. Our last Daily 5 choice is Word Work/Spelling which I will introduce shortly. We will probably have one or two spelling lessons before Christmas, then start full swing after the New Year. We have also started to write friendly letters for our Writer’s Workshop. Our first letter we are writing is to Santa Claus! We have also been working on blends and digraphs for phonics to help us with sounding out words as we read and write. We are still working on our Healthy Body unit for health, Communities for social studies (it’s a long one!), and are just wrapping up our Animal unit for science.