Grade 12

The grade 12s are working hard before their much deserved break. As the semester is coming to a close, there have been assignments due and tests to complete. Our social studies class is in the midst of a unit on the settlement of the Canadian West and the various historical events that accompanied this era. In particular, we are evaluating how this time period is remembered by historians. ELA 30 has finished reading Sgt. John Wilson and have a literary analysis essay on the novel due before the break. After the break, the students will be reading numerous texts in preparation for the final exam. Miss Smith and her PAA section are finishing sewing hooded sweatshirts, while Mr. Tyndall has the students working overtime on projects in the shop. The biology class continues their study of genetics. Mr. Herman and the precalculus math group are finishing a unit on trig identities. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy the holidays and time spent with family.