Grade 12

Wow where has January gone? Now that 2016 is here, the grade 12’s are on their final push to finish this semester! And Contech is back working on the balcony! At this time the grade 12’s are busy preparing for their final exams. The social studies class is reflecting on the course in order to address two final exam questions. The grade 12 ELA class is working hard to prepare for their final exam on Canadian literature. They have been reviewing all of the texts studied during the year. The pre-calculus section finished their last unit on exponentials and logarithms, and now are studying up to write the final on Wednesday! Foundations 30 has a small class, and they are ready to write the comprehensive exam. In Bio 30 the kids are getting their a-b-c and d’s ready for the big final exam. Mrs. Prakash has them working overtime! The P.A.A. students are trying to stay on their teachers good sides and finish their woodworking or bunnyhugs on time. Good luck to all students on their exams, and may the curve be ever in your favour. See you next semester! Feel free to stop in and visit me any time if you have any concerns! Brandon Hutchinson and Jill Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed? He couldn’t control his pupils!