Grade 1&3

Wow, February is flying by! The 1/3 class has been busy! We have created a lot of fun winter and Valentine’s art! The students were very excited to create their mailboxes. Thanks for sending the materials! The class is looking forward to their potluck on the 12th. Thanks to Group A for sending the food! In ELA we have been focusing on paying attention to the questions we ask while reading a story. By seeking out answers to our questions, we are paying closer attention to the text. The grade 1s are starting to write good copies of some of their stories. They are pushing themselves to write five sentences and are doing a great job! They are also working on using uppercase and lowercase letters properly and spacing out their words. The 3s are focusing on paragraph writing and writing mechanics. In science, the 3s continue to study plants and the 1s are studying materials. We will be transplanting our garden and planting our beans and lettuce! Exciting! In social studies, the 3s continue to work on their Byron Through the Seasons project and the 1s did their own version by exploring how they spend time outdoors during the four seasons. The Grade 3 math test will be this Friday. A review was sent home this week. The 1s are studying numbers to 100.