Grade 12

We have reached the halfway point of semester 2! With graduation day quickly approaching, the grade 12s are reaching the pinnacle of their high school education journey. The students remain busy with their course work in their various classes. The ELA 30 class has begun a study of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. As the students read and watch the play, they are studying the universal themes that the play addresses. We will be applying these themes to our modern world as soon as we have finished the play. The Psychology 30 class has finished a study of childhood developmental psychology and will be studying the psychology of teenagers. Should be interesting! In Physics 30, Mrs. Prakash has the students learning about work in action. They have just completed their unit on dynamics. In Chemistry 30, the students have finished studying equilibrium and will begin their next unit on solubility. Mr. Herman and the Calculus class are studying derivatives. We are looking forward to another great month of learning, and another step toward graduation