Grade 1&3

It has been an exciting time in the 1/3 room! On Wednesday, we had our class mascot election. Everything was very official and the grade 3s did an excellent job with their campaigning and election duties! Sam the Wolf came out ahead and is our class mascot! The 3s also started their plant investigations. Some mixed soil with vinegar, oil, and sugar to see if it has an effect on a plant’s growth. Some are comparing sunlight vs. no sunlight and different watering schedules. It should be interesting! They will be studying structures next. The 1s continue to take care of our garden with Miss B., and they just started a¬†weather unit. In math, the 1s finished their geometry unit. They learned the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes and went on a shape scavenger hunt throughout the school. Up next is addition and subtractions to 20. The 3s are studying geometry. Currently, they are describing 3-D shapes (edge, face, vertices) and they will be constructing skeletons of these shapes next week. The 3s have been utilizing iPads to get extra time on ixl. I have found that this has really enhanced their math unit and they all have a deeper understanding of geometry. In health, the 3s will be studying tobacco and its affects and the 1s will be learning about street safety. In social studies, the 1s will be studying peace and dealing with conflicts at school. The 3s will be exploring conflict resolution when it comes to people having different opinions on the same issue. We have been working on building our reading stamina during E.L.A. We have daily stamina all-stars and this has been keeping the kids motivated. The 3s are learning about persuasive writing and the 1s are working on reading and listening to multi-step directions.