Grade 3

This month the grade 3’s are learning all about inquiry. We have discussed that we carry background knowledge with us, and that we need to ask deep questions in order to do quality research and gain information. By the end of the month, the grade 3’s will be ready to start their first Genius Hour projects! We have continued our soil study and have done a ton of fun hands-on activities. We investigated worms and learned how important insects and animals are for soil. We are also learning about soil erosion and the ways to protect Earth’s soils. This month Mrs. Koroll has given the grade 3’s a variety of geography challenges, where students must use their determination and group work skills to work together and solve. The 3’s have done great so far! In math, we have continued learning about numbers with Mrs. McCubbing and patterning with Mrs. Koroll. Soon we will be moving on to Measurement! This month in phys. Ed, we will begin to learn and practice dance and gymnastics along with the continuation of cooperative games. We are still creating beautiful fall art. We have used pastels, watercolour paints, and acrylic paints for a variety of art pieces. Since it seems as though winter is here to stay, we may have to soon move on to winter themed art projects! Stay warm everyone! Mrs. Koroll, Mrs. McCubbing & The Grade 3’s