Grade 12

Greetings from the Grade 12 Homeroom! Can you believe we are halfway through semester one? Neither can the grade 12s. They continue to be busy as they have assignments due and unit exams to prepare for. The Social Studies 30 class has recently finished a unit study on responsible government and the causes of Canadian Confederation. The students have just begun studying the era of western settlement. In ELA 30, the students have been reading, annotating, and responding to a variety of Canadian poetry. The students will begin an independent novel study later this month. The Chemistry 30 class is studying dynamic equilibrium and Le Chateller’s Principle. The grade 12s will also be embarking on their first week of the Work Experience 30 course on December 5th. By now, they should have made contact with their employer and set up an interview time. That’s the latest from the Grade 12 Homeroom. Have a fantastic month!