Grade 3

The Grade 3s have a lot going on right now. In math they are moving onto measurement with Mrs. Koroll and addition and subtraction with Mrs. McCubbing. They will be finishing off their soils unit in science and then we will be working with the kindergarten class to start planting our indoor garden! More later to come on that! The students gained a lot of new knowledge about the two World Wars and the Holocaust. Their Remembrance Day posters were very well done! We will return to our geography unit and create paper mâché globes. During reading time we have been working with students to practice reading aloud with more expression. We are also having students pay attention to the emotions of the characters and to make predictions about how they may be feeling and why. Everyone is reading chapter books during school-wide reading time, so many of the kids are having to visualize their stories for the first time. Mrs. McCubbing has been teaching the students different styles of dance in phys. ed. Next month will be even more busy as we head into the Christmas season!