Grade 11

It has been a busy couple of weeks getting into semester two classes, but we know a break is right around the corner. Currently, we are doing the following things in our classes thus far: Work Placement 20: We are graphing and learning to calculate slope. Pre-Calculus 20: We are working on geometric and arithmetic sequences and series. PAA 20: We are practicing our sewing skills. Mittens will be our first project. Construction 20: We are examining the theory of building construction, as well as designing our own individual custom builds for sheds and small buildings. Physical Science 20: We are looking at the mathematical skills behind physics, such as significant figures and scientific notation. We are also beginning the study of waves. Health Science 20: We are exploring the philosophies and ethics within the medical system. This includes indigenous and alternative ways of healing. Forensics 20: We have just finished finger print analysis. We are now constructing our own crime scene. ELA/History20: We have the choice of reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or Night by Elie Wiesel to examine WWII themes. Have a Safe and Wonderful Winter Break!