From The Office February 2019

I’m writing this on what feels like our first day in a long time that we’ve had buses running and all the students here. The polar vortex we’ve been experiencing and with it the frigid temperatures and wind and snow again is a reminder of the extremes we can experience in Saskatchewan. Our Cold Cats club has had our own record days outside beat as I’ve counted over 20 indoor recesses that we’ve been able to take students outside so they can get some fresh air and exercise! I do see some warmer temperatures on the horizon ahead of us, but I also heard a meteorologist talking about cooler than normal temperatures sticking around for a while yet. I guess we’ll have to see where that takes us.

March is going to bring with it a busy schedule of days including the spring Tri-Conferences taking place the nights of March 20th (5-7:30pm) and March 21st (3:30-6pm). As always it’s a great time to come to the school with your student and celebrate the great learning they’re doing. Please call the school to book your interview if you haven’t already done so. Another reminder also that with the two evenings of interviews here there is no school then on Friday, March 22nd. K-9 report cards will be coming home March 14th. 7-12 report cards go home in April.

Next week has our grade 7-12 school Ski Trip scheduled to Table Mountain on Thursday, March 7th. It’s a great day for the students and we look forward to seeing them all on the hill.

Our grade 12s are currently in the middle of their second week of Career Work Experience. It’s a great opportunity to try a career on for size and see if it’s what they were looking for. Many times in previous years those placements have turned into part time jobs or career opportunities for the future as well as chances to start an apprenticeship.

For those students planning on pursuing a trades career and looking to apprentice with a tradesperson, the Youth Apprenticeship Program is a simple program to complete for a step ahead of other apprentices. We’ve also helped send five students in past summers to a Summer Youth internship in a trades area where they receive very good pay and up to 2 apprenticeship credits on their transcripts. See Mr. Tucker for further information for either program.

Badminton is starting up for both juniors and seniors with practices after school – playoffs are in April so it will be a short season due to the cold weather days. See Mr. Tucker to sign up! Our annual Knight to Remember evening will take place on March 20th – see in the newsletter for more details. It’s a great opportunity and supports a good cause. We also have curling season finishing up and senior basketball as well around the corner with playoffs coming soon – the senior boys basketball team has been having an awesome season and have a game record to be proud of!
Drama performances will be taking place in April but the Drama club has been practicing and learning lines and performance details for weeks already. I’m sure it will once again be an amazing show!

Well, that’s all for now. For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.