From the Office – Sept 2019

Well, the flag has dropped and the starter has called and we’re officially running again in a new school year! Welcome to our new students and their families. Our enrollment numbers have fluctuated a little more than we’d anticipated and we have some new faces and some returning faces in the school this year! Welcome to each of you and your families – our school looks forward to getting to know you better. What better way to do that that at our Pancake Breakfast we held on Sept 9. I know the students enjoyed it, as well as some parents I saw who were able to come in too!

We are pleased as well to get to know our two interns, Mr. Hall and Mr. Prokopchuk, who are working with Mr. Hutchinson and Mrs. Bain respectively. We hope your time in our school is memorable and you get a chance to learn a lot about your new profession! We are also welcoming back Mrs. McCubbing to our school this year in the Grade 5 room.

Our classes have had a positive start with lots already happening and some class trips also being planned. Classroom routines are being developed and I already see some homework being taken home. That’s awesome! Our enrollment projection was a bit higher than where we landed, but our total school population is almost exactly what we ended last year with.

Our extra-curricular programs are in progress as well. The SRC has already had a couple meetings to plan their year and plan their attendance at the School Leadership Conference this week! The Football team played on Friday as well as the Senior Girls Volleyball team has now gone to two tournaments already! The Junior Girls Volleyball team is also already competing and I’ve got a Junior Boys Volleyball team ready to start this week. I know our Cross Country team has also been practicing and getting ready for their own competitions this month. What a busy place!

I’ll draw your attention to some upcoming dates, including a PD day on Sept 27 and Oct 11 so no classes for students on those two days, as well as our annual fall TriConferences for parents and students to attend on Oct 22 5-7:30 and Oct 23 3:30-6pm. Our fall Meet the Staff BBQ that is sponsored by our School Community Council will also be held on the first night of interviews Oct 22 from 5:00-7:00pm. We hope to see you there and we’ll share a burger together and a chance to catch up. No school also on Oct 28. Our school is again going to host the Fall Flu Clinic in the school gym the afternoon and evening of October 29th .

We look forward to a funfilled busy year again with wonderful learnings, growth and excitement as we work with your students to help them move ahead in their education. We know that the best way to do that is through positive cooperative work with you at the home and community as well. Thank you for your continued support in that and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon. That’s all from me for this month. Monthly newsletters will follow like other years before. For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at http:// As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.