From The Office – March 2023

Our winter cold weather has been hanging on to start this month off so I’m hoping by talking about it I jinx it and starts to warm up. March has been busy with plans for parents to be part of at Hanley School, as well as activities and items for students to take part in. The curling rink and skating rink have been part of the classroom programs as many teachers have organized skating opportunities for students. By the time you read this the grade 5-12 ski trip will have also taken place on the 10th. We also have a junior and high school gym blast scheduled for later this month on March 31st. There’s always so much to try to fit in a month!

Our senior Mixed Curling team did great at Regional competition last weekend that the coaches Linden Freeden and Chad Freeden organized, and they will host Provincial Mixed Curling competition this weekend on March 9th and 10th as well. Good luck to the team!

I’d like to thank Tasha Grasby again for coaching the Senior Boys Basketball team. The boys won’t be competing in District playoffs but they’ve had weeks of development and a lot of games that were organized including one more mid March. Great job, Mrs Grasby – your dedication and time you committed is appreciated! The Junior Boys didn’t make it past the first round of playoffs against Allan School at the end of February but they learned a lot again this season and I’ll encourage them to keep at it again next year.

Both Senior and Junior Badminton players are practicing after school Monday – Thursday. We will encourage players to get as much time on the courts as they can. Junior playoffs start on March 30 this season and will take place in our gym that afternoon. Senior playoffs begin on April 26. And then Track and Field will start around that time with our Track and Field Clinic tentatively set for April 27th.

A parent survey we invited your response to earlier this year told us parents were interested in finding out more information about Mental Health and Students. We have sent home information about a parent engagement evening presentation called Head and Heart that’s scheduled to follow the first Interviews night this month starting at 7:15pm. The presentation is one that the grade 7-12 students will take part in during the afternoon. I encourage you to attend in the evening if you can following Tri-Conference Interviews. More information can be found in the Edsby message that was sent out by our office and in emails from classroom teachers.

Speaking of the Tri-Conference Interviews, this is just a reminder to contact Mrs Block at our office if you’d like to schedule your 15 minute block of time with any of your student’s teachers. I encourage you all to keep in contact with those teachers about student progress throughout the year, and these are specific times for in person meetings to celebrate how your child is doing and work together to help them further that progress. Interviews will take place on Wednesday March 22nd from 4:30pm-7pm and on Thursday March 23rd from 3:30pm-6pm.

We have had a few career type presentations this month with one on Apprenticeships for grades 10-12 taking place on March 8, and another one for Construction 20 class Construction Fall Safety. The CNIB is also presenting online next week on March 16th around eye safety and that will include grade 9-12 students.