September 2011 Grade 12 News

Senior year has started off with a bang. We have already been put into a seating plan (a first for Grade 12’s in Ms. Prakash’s class) while reviewing Chem 20 and the concepts we need to know for Chem 30. In ELA and History, we are learning how to dialectically evaluate Canada’s geography, and we just finished writing heart touching poetry. Math C30 has been radical while learning about radians. In I.A., we just ordered supplies for our woodworking projects and in Home Ec, we are event planning. In Life Transitions, we are learning what to expect when we move out, which will be sooner than we think!

– Courtney

June 2011 Grade 12 News

In Chemistry, we are studying electrochemistry. In physics, we’re learning about electricity. In English, we are doing projects on Hamlet. In calculus, we are finishing up our independent studies.

May 2011 Grade 12 News

Wow! I can’t believe it’s May already. The snow is gone, the sun is out, and we are all getting excited to graduate. Unfortunately, we still have a few more weeks before freedom and have to finish our classes. In gym class, we have all started archery and are all beginning to feel more like Robin Hood. Ms. Prakash has us all working hard in Physics and Chemistry so that our brains are full of information on Acids, Bases, Energy, Work and much more. To read or not to read, that is the question in ELA, as we are reading Shakespeare’s classic, Hamlet. In Calculus, otherwise known as “oh man, this math is hard” class, we are trucking along and starting a new unit, and in Law, we are learning about Family Law (so we now know how much our parents rooked us as kids!)


March 2011 Grade 12

In Grade 12, we are pretty busy finishing up tests and learning new stuff. In Calculus, we just recently finished a stressful test, and to relieve this stress, we celebrated pie day on March 14th (3rd month, 14th day = 3.14 =pi. Get it?). The pumpkin pie was sooo good. We have also decided to bring pie for the rest of the week. In gym class, we have been perfecting our badminton skills, while in English, we will be starting a novel called Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. In Chemistry, we just finished writing a test and will be starting reaction rates. Lastly in Physics, we just started Acceleration and Velocity Time Graphs.