Grade 7

November has zoomed by just as quickly the past two months. This year seems to be on a fast track. Students are studying equations in math, they have begun to look at grammar in English, in social we continue to look at cooperation and interdependence of nations, and in science, the class has wrapped up their first unit of study and is moving on to “Mixtures and Solutions”. This is a busy group. We had planned on going on our first field trip on the 19th of this month, but road conditions and Mother Nature had different ideas. We had to cancel our trip, but I am looking into another trip later in the next month or so. Report cards went home last week. If you have any questions or comments about your child’s progress please feel free to contact me at the school (306-544-2511). Mrs. Bain

Grade 8

In Math 8 we are refreshing concepts with fractions, decimals and percentages. We need to master these skills in order to move on to our study of rates, ratios and propor-tions. In ELA the students are wrapping up its exploration of “Social Justice”. We will soon be discussing the elements of a “Perfect Society”. The Science class is finishing wrapping up “Cells, Organs, and Tissues.” In IA 8 the class is beginning their wood projects, such as mirrors. The Health class is playing The Real Game Online where we explore the world of work with an imaginary job, deductions and living expenses. All the while, paying for our chosen lifestyle but staying within our budget. In Art class we are working on perspective drawing, while in Home Ec. we are finishing up a rice bag project and are getting excited to start our PJ pants!!

Grade 9

November has been a busy month for the Grade 9’s! In math, they have been working with rational numbers. In English, the students have been learning about Norse and Indigenous Myths. They have starting creating bands in Art and have come up with some creative names. In Phys. Ed, they have recently started working on their basketball skills. They have been working their way through a real life simulation in Career Ed. They have continued to be busy in Home Ec. and I.A. as well. Finally, in Science, they have been working with Atoms and Elements.

Grade 10

Well, the grade 10’s are pushing hard with only a month left until Christmas. In math, they’ve finally finished their work converting between metric and imperial and have moved on to angles and lines. In English they’ve started reading Jurassic Park and in Wildlife Management they’ve been watching Survivorman (I wonder how he would have done in Jurassic Park?). They’ve been working on Food Safety in Commercial Cooking and are continuing to work on their projects in IA. In Wellness, they’ve started Basketball. They’re just finishing up their Canadian Sovereignty projects in Social, and in Science they’ve been working on Chemistry.

Grade 11

It is hard to believe we are mid-way into November. We hosted a very successful Remembrance Day Service in the Gym, which ended in some excitement. Along with that, we are finishing our WWI research projects in our ELA/History 20 class. In Foundations 20, we are working on statistics and probability. In Health Science 20, we have been studying the body systems. Thank-you to Charlotte Greenall, who came into our class and did a presentation on the horrible reality of street drugs and how they affect our body. In Physical Science 20, we have just finished our Refraction Exam and have started our chemistry unit. Basketball, dance and working out in the weight room is on the agenda for Phys. Ed 20.

Grade 12

Course work has been keep-ing the grade 12s busy in No-vember. As we are half way through semester one, the students are immersed in learning across all subject are-as. The students have been working exceptionally hard in their PAA courses. Mr. Tyndall has the cabinet makers work-ing overtime to complete their projects on time. Miss Smith and the home economics stu-
dents have begun the sew-ing section of the course and will be making hooded sweaters; just in time for winter. In ELA, the stu-dents began reading the non-fiction novel, The Se-cret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson: A True Story of Love and Murder. When the students have completed the book, they will be writing in-depth literary analysis es-
says. In social studies, the students have just finished learning about the Canadi-an Government and Con-federation. In biology, the students have completed their study of cell struc-tures and have moved on to genetics. Mr. Herman and the pre-calculus stu-dents are learning about trig identities.

Awards Program

We want to invite you to the Awards Program held this year at 2pm in the School Gym. We’ll recognize the students who excelled last year and made our school proud.  We hope to see you there.

Grade 12

The grade 12s have excitedly begun their final school year. The students are hard at work across all of their subject areas. In social studies, the students are studying the relationship between traditional first nation societies and early European settlers. The ELA class has been studying texts addressing the Canadian landscape. In biology, the year has begun with a unit on proteins, enzymes, and carbohydrates. The foundations math class has focused on interest rate and rate of return, while the precalc class is learning about transformations.
Even with a busy academic year ahead, the students are enjoying their senior year.

Grade 11

Welcome Back!!! Classes are in full swing. In Foundations 20, we are working on angles and parallel lines. In the new Physical Science 20, we are examining the math components of science such as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. In Health Science 20, we are studying different health philosophies around the world and the medical ethics behind them. In ELA/History 20, we are studying how the First World War started. Phys. Ed is fun and games!

Grade 10

Welcome back! The weather has been doing a good job convincing us it’s not summer any more, and that’s certainly made the first couple weeks back easier! The grade 10’s are right into the swing of things. They’ve been doing fitness testing and hitting the weight room in Wellness. Math has seen them calculating proportions and cross multiplying, as well as investigating exchange rates. They’ve been deciding on projects and getting wood ordered in IA, and the Commercial Cooking class has already rolled out their first batch of (rather delicious) double chocolate cookies. In ELA, one class is studying poetry while the other class experiences
Macbeth (the Scottish Play). Our young drivers haven’t hit the streets in Driver’s Ed … yet. In science they’re studying ecosystems and human effects on the environment. And in Social, they’re looking at the interdependence of people. Enjoy your week!