Grade 10

May? How did that happen? A special congratulations to our Provincial Championship Drama squad! Two years in a row! Well, the grade 10’s are starting to feel the crunch. They’ve just wrapped up Exponents and Powers in Math, and Badminton in Wellness. In ELA they continue to work on their personalized curricula. They’ve been studying wildlife habitats in Wildlife Management. It’s been “Vive la France!” in Social as they study the French Revolution. In CAD, they’re wrapping up their main floor plans and starting outside elevations. And finally, there have been a variety of soups being experimented with in Foods! Have a great week!

Grade 10

Well, Semester Two is under way and the Grade 10’s are SO happy to have final exams behind them! Now, only one more week until the break! Until then, though… In ELA they’ve been making some decisions about their units of study. Social Studies has them examining societies and governments. They are working with angles and trig ratios in Math. The birdies are flying in Wellness as they learn the ins and outs of badminton. In IA they’ve started paper and pencil drafting. They’ll be starting their Food Safety course soon in Home Ec. And finally, in Wildlife, they’ve been examining different animal habitats.

Grade 10

Well, it’s been a busy month for the grade 10’s. Between football and volleyball winding up, and basketball soon to get underway, there’s been plenty going on with extra -curricular activities. They’ve also completed their final exam for Driver’s Ed (be very afraid) and made cookies for the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Home Ec. In IA, they continue to work on their projects. In ELA, they’ve completed their historical persona essays and are now starting a multimedia project on Challenges. The Periodic Table has been the focus in Science. In Math, they’ve been working on converting between imperial and metric units of measure. And finally, in Wellness they’ve been playing volleyball.

Grade 10

Well, the Grade 10’s have been working hard and getting tons done so far this year. In ELA, they’ve already finished the novel Indian Horse and written reviews on it, and are now researching and writing essays on historical figures. In Math they’re studying hard for their exam on earning a living, and more importantly, how much of the money they earn goes towards deductions like income tax and CPP. In IA, cabinet construction is well under way. In Home Ec they’ve been working on knife skills. Science has them studying population growth and the limiting factors that different environments put on growth. In Wellness they’ve been doing daily runs, as well as physical activity games like dodgeball. And in Drivers’ Ed, they’ve finished up their sign tests. Which means they’ll be driving soon – scarily, just in time for Hallowe’en!! Have a great month!

Grade 10

Spring has officially arrived! The grade 10’s have been busy dodging rain drops and getting homework done. In ELA they’ve been studying short stories and poems about ethics and equity. In Social Studies they’ve been studying Canadian Sovereignty. The Periodic Table has been front and center as they study elements and compounds in Science. In Wildlife, they’ve just finished looking at Raccoons. Math has been looking at the relationships between exponents and radicals. Chicken Soup will be served up by the Commercial Cooking class this week. And in CAD, the designers are working on their floor plans and exterior views. Have a great April, everyone!

Grade 10

Well, we’re a couple weeks into second semester already, and the grade tens are loving it! In ELA they’ve begun a mysterious and challenging unit – on Mysteries and Challenges! They’re calculating areas and volumes of pyramids, cones and spheres in Math. In Wellness, they’re playing broomball (which only occasionally resembles swordfighting). In Wildlife Management, students got to witness the skinning of a beaver. They are also studying some wilderness survival skills. In Science, they’re studying Motion (which might seem like a repeat from the last newsletter, BUT, students who took Science last term are taking Social this term, and vice versa – the fun part of having the tens split into two classes). In Social Studies, they’re studying Interdependence of Societies. Our young chefs in Commercial Cooking prepared hard for their first hot lunch – Taco in a Bag. And finally, our future designers in IA are working on house plans in preparation for getting started in Computer Assisted Drafting. Have a great Day!

Grade 10

Ah, winter! You finally got here! The grade 10’s couldn’t tell if the icy blast was the weather outside or the knowledge of their first set of final exams coming up at the end of the month! Teachers have been busy hitting those last few topics that need to be covered before exams start on the 25th. In Math, they’ve just finished up Geometry. Commercial Cooking just put out a fantastic chilli-and-abun lunch, perfect for the cold weather. In IA, projects are furiously being clamped and glued in preparation for a final sand and stain. In Science, they’ve been studying motion. In ELA, they’re just finishing up their Jurassic Park project. They’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug in Social as they create their own fur-trading companies. In Wildlife Management they’ve been studying ecosystems and winter weather. And finally, as a break to all that studying, they’ve had a chance to play some basketball and badminton in Wellness. Have a great week!

Grade 10

To the tune of “Christmas in Killarney” – and yes, it’s a bit forced in places. I’m a math teacher, people.

The holly green

The ivy green

The bestest grade 10’s you’ve ever seen!

It’s Christmas time in Hanley,

When do we send these kids home?

They’re busy learning geometry and poems and novels and short stories

Gluing Industrial arts projects

And baking small gingerbread homes.

In gym they’re shooting baskets,

In science it’s Chemistry and Wildlife has them studying Lakes and fish and trees!

It hurts, you know,

To stub your toe

While trying to avoid the mistletoe

Why are there no kids named Stanley?

The likes you’ve never known….

It’s Christmas time in Hanley!

When do we send these kids home?!

Grade 10

Well, the grade 10’s are pushing hard with only a month left until Christmas. In math, they’ve finally finished their work converting between metric and imperial and have moved on to angles and lines. In English they’ve started reading Jurassic Park and in Wildlife Management they’ve been watching Survivorman (I wonder how he would have done in Jurassic Park?). They’ve been working on Food Safety in Commercial Cooking and are continuing to work on their projects in IA. In Wellness, they’ve started Basketball. They’re just finishing up their Canadian Sovereignty projects in Social, and in Science they’ve been working on Chemistry.

Grade 10

Welcome back! The weather has been doing a good job convincing us it’s not summer any more, and that’s certainly made the first couple weeks back easier! The grade 10’s are right into the swing of things. They’ve been doing fitness testing and hitting the weight room in Wellness. Math has seen them calculating proportions and cross multiplying, as well as investigating exchange rates. They’ve been deciding on projects and getting wood ordered in IA, and the Commercial Cooking class has already rolled out their first batch of (rather delicious) double chocolate cookies. In ELA, one class is studying poetry while the other class experiences
Macbeth (the Scottish Play). Our young drivers haven’t hit the streets in Driver’s Ed … yet. In science they’re studying ecosystems and human effects on the environment. And in Social, they’re looking at the interdependence of people. Enjoy your week!