Christmas Dinner & Awards

We are just reminding students and families that the Hanley School Christmas Dinner is scheduled for this Friday at 12 noon and is planned for staff and students only, along with some school division staff by invitation.

We are also planning on presenting the high school awards for highest averages in grades 10 through 12 from last year. That should start at about 12:45 before the afternoon clean up takes place.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone, as well as time to rest and relax and most importantly have time with family and friends. Merry Christmas to each of you.

Mr. Tucker

From the Office – Dec 2019

We had a bit of a hit to the system with some chilly temperatures this month so I’m going to cross my fingers that it stays away until January. It’s been a busy month of activities in the classrooms and the hallways as the hustle and bustle of the season is upon us.

Last week we enjoyed our Christmas Family Fun Night as well. It was once again a wonderful evening for the students and their families filled with singing and acting, time for activities and an opportunity for everyone to stop and catch up with other families and friends in what is always a busy time of year. I know many families took advantage of the photo booth as well so that was a nice new touch. Thanks for attending if you were able to be here. Thanks also to the SCC for the hot chocolate and for helping pay for the photo booth.

Plans have again been under way for a while to have our annual Christmas Dinner on Friday. Mrs. Schraeder has everything organized and jobs are in hand for everyone here including the high school students who are always expected and expecting to take part.  Thanks again to everyone for your food and various contributions that make the day and the lunch a good time for everyone.  We’ll again have some School Community Council Members, and some School Division members in attendance as they always enjoy these kind of student days at Hanley Composite School.

This month starts some changes in our staffing again.  We’ll be needing to say good-bye to our two interns, Mr. Hall and Mr. Prokopchuk.  Thanks for all your work and planning and preparation and good luck with the remainder of your studies next semester and your plans for future employment!

Just a reminder that the Hanley School Community Council-produced Community Calendars are in at the office, and can be picked up any time.  The cost is still $10 and it looks great.  Thanks for all your support to the SCC as the funds raised are directly spent by the SCC on something for the school and students.

We’ll be back after the holiday with a short three weeks to finish off some units and prepare for final exams for high school students.  Exams will fall in the last week of January, with a PD day scheduled for Friday, January 31st so teachers can work on marking finals and preparing grade 10-12 report cards set to go home on February 5th.

That’s all for now.  For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at  As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Talk to you soon.

Christmas Family Fun Night

taking place on December 11, 2019

It looks like we’ll be enjoying the Family Fun Night next week! A photo booth will be available for families to get their pictures taken starting at 6:00pm. The song and performances by the elementary students will take place between 6:30 and 7:00pm. The Fun Night portion of the evening with cookie decorating and crafts and games will take place between 7:00 and 8:00pm. Piano students and our Grade 6 band will help open the evening!

Thank you to the SCC for supplying the Hot Chocolate again and to the SRC for the arranging the photo booth.

Raffle Baskets will be given away again – tickets by donation!

Looking forward to having you attend – We’ll see you there !!!

From the Office – Nov 2019

It’s been nice to see and feel some temperatures that feel more like October than November, but I also know the colder weather is on it’s way eventually.

Remind your students to wear the proper warm clothes to school again this season, including snow pants for elementary students headed outside to slide around and play in the snow, as well as for any of our students being picked up by bus.  Bus Drivers do have the authority to refuse students entry to the bus if they don’t have proper clothing for cold weather.  In the case of a breakdown, all students should have proper clothing to ensure they are safe and warm on the bus while waiting for support to arrive. While on the topic of bussing – a reminder that a combined temperature and wind chill that drops to minus 40 degrees will cancel buses for the day. If a bus doesn’t run in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon. Classes will never be cancelled on those days – the school is required to remain open for those students who do make it to school, including those whose parents drive them in.

Just like the last two years, we will be continuing with our Cold Cats club for students in grades K-7. Again, remember that this is an option on the indoor recess days for students who still want to go outside for some fresh air and outdoor play. I’ll be supervising them on those days on the playground until they’ve had enough. They can go back in when they get cold or once they’ve had enough, but it’s sure great for many of them to get some fresh air and exercise, even though its that cold. Please ensure those students are prepared with warm clothing and accessories so they can enjoy the recess. Call or email the school to sign up your Cold Cat student to be on our list. We even have Cold Cats shirts for sale!

The grade 11 and 12 students enjoyed another morning earlier this month at the annual Career Fair in Saskatoon.  Planning should be well underway for students to narrow their options for careers or education following grade 12.  For those students who are still struggling with ideas, help is always available from Mr Tucker who can lead the students to directions to start looking for answers.  I’ll also encourage any students who are considering an apprenticeship opportunity to spend some time to complete the Youth Apprenticeship Program this year as it offers many benefits to the student and the employer.

And on that same topic, this is a reminder that the Grade 12 Work Experience week one is scheduled for the first week of next month, December 2 – 6.  Students are expected to have met with their work placement employer for their interview in preparation for the first day that week.  Good luck to each of the students as they spend a week in their chosen career areas. Remember that your placement can convince you your career area is the right choice for you and just as important, might help you realize you want something different. I’m using a new online application called MyBlueprint with the high school students to help them learn about themselves and their career paths ahead of them. Students and parents both, make time to connect with me about it so we can get you started on it.

Our Christmas Family Fun night will take place on Dec 11 and the annual Christmas Lunch for students and staff will again be on the last school day of Dec 20. 

We sent report cards home last Thursday. The first quarter of the year has passed us very quickly. Congratulations to students on all your wonderful marks and achievements already this year.

That’s all for now.  For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at  As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Talk to you soon.

From the Office – Oct 2019


We’ve been making the most out of this turn of events for our fall weather at our house – I barbequed the other day and the kids were outside in shirt sleeves and short pants again as they enjoyed the warmer temps. I was worried we weren’t going to see this in October – I’m happy to see it now. Because the mornings can be a bit chilly, please continue to help teach your students about the right clothes (jackets, mitts, headcoverings, cold pants, etc) as the weather changes.

Our athletic teams are doing quite well again this fall. Both the senior and junior girls volleyball teams are having some great seasons of growth and successes, and while the football team also had some positive growth this fall, struggled to move far into playoffs after a loss on Saturday at Viscount. Our junior boys volleyball team is growing as well – great job guys! Our cross country runners also had a great fall again with Callie and Kayley running at Provincials – that’s awesome! Playoffs for volleyball will start next week for juniors and senior playoffs in all other sports mentioned will be starting as well so good luck to everyone as you represent Hanley Composite School! We are all so proud of you!

We’re in the middle of some busy weeks ahead. Tri-Conferences for parents to meet with teachers and students are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week.

The annual flu clinic is held in the school gym on Tuesday October 29th starting in the afternoon and going until early evening.

Our PowerSchool automated system for attendance will contact parents if students are late or absent from class and have not been cleared. Please contact the school before the absence of your student if you know they will be away from school and if you are clearing their absence. If a student is not present for class and is un-cleared by you (ie. skipping), I will be having them work at the office to make up the missed time during any spares they have or breaks in the day including noon break. Thank-you for your help and support in this matter.

Our move away from cell phones in class continues this year. I commend the students for doing their best to keep their use out of class and leave the teaching time undisturbed by cell phones.

One last Health-related notice from me this month to keep you aware of. A couple years ago we sent some detailed information regarding e-vaping and its harmful effects as well as our concerns for its uses for other substances. Our policy remains that no e-vaping tools or products should be on school grounds and no e-vaping should be done during the school day and that those will be suspension cases should that come to our attention. We are also phasing out the smoking area this fall as well. Please have those talks with your students and educate yourself as their parent on the harmful effects of both.

We will remain focused on educating your students and encouraging them to make healthy choices.

That’s all from me for this month. Monthly newsletters will continue to be our routine. For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at  As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call.   Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.