March 30- April 1

Hello Hanley School Parents and Students. The events of the last couple weeks really are something new for all of us to deal with and make adjustments for going ahead with education this year. Please know that we are in the planning process for going ahead with the supplemental learning as described in Friday’s email to families from Prairie Spirit School Division. You can access it again here at the following link:

March 30 will have our school staff connecting as a group online to discuss what that looks like and how best to support our Sabers families at home with our students. That may look different at each home based on your needs and abilities and your resources. There will be some degrees of uncertainty on all of our parts at some point in the next few weeks and months but we will be doing everything we can to help with clarity there.

Starting Tuesday, school staff will reach out to make contact with our school families to check in and emphasize that we are here to support families – students AND parents. We’re looking forward to connecting with you in the upcoming days and weeks and checking how you’re doing. Every K-9 student will progress to the next grade and every grade 10-12 student already enrolled in a subject will receive that credit. All students will have opportunity to increase their understanding of the course content within the remaining time of this school year and high school students will also have an opportunity to improve their current mark. Teachers will connect with each home to discuss how that will look. What we can all be sure about this spring is that learning is everywhere and it will look very different than it does in a classroom.

As a line in the Supplemental Learning Plan states, we will “Continue to learn, connect and grow together!’