Student Expectations

Duties of Students (adapted from Section 150 & 151 of The Education Act, 1995)

Students will:

  • cooperate with school staff;
  • attend school regularly and punctually;
  • behave cooperatively and with courtesy;
  • respect the rights of others;
  • attend to their school work;
  • follow school rules;
  • submit to any discipline that would be exercised by a kind, firm, and judicious parent; and
  • be accountable to their teacher and principal for their behaviour.

Student Discipline (adapted from Sections 152-155 of The Education Act, 1995 and PSSD Administrative Policy #409, 2010)

Student discipline will stress restitution and correction.  We will attempt to find the cause of the misbehaviour and attempt to remedy the situation.

  • Student will attempt to identify the behaviour problem, its causes, and appropriate alternative behaviours.
  • Teacher may try alternative management strategies to manage student’s behaviour.
  • Parent contact may be made to discuss the student’s behaviour.
  • Using various techniques, a consistent effort will be make to change the behaviour.
  • If behaviour does not change, further remedial action may be taken.
  • If the safety of others is at risk, temporary restraining force may be used.  It must not exceed what is reasonable.  Corporal punishment is not permitted.

Our goal is to provide a positive school climate where student learning and well-being are the top priority.

Students may be suspended for not more than 3 days at a time for overt opposition to authority or serious misconduct.

Students may be suspended for a period of up to 10 days for habitual, willful, or gross violation of duties of a student or the rules of the school.

The Board may decide if a suspension warrants a period greater than 10 days.  The Board may suspend a student from all or any of its schools for a period of not greater than 1 year.  Following an investigation, the Board may exclude a student from any or all of its schools for a period greater than one year.

School Attendance (adapted from Sections 156-158 of The Education Act, 1995)

Parents/guardians should ensure their child attends school regularly.

Student absence will be excused by reason of:

  • illness (supported by a medical certificate, if requested);
  • religious reasons;
  • medical or dental treatment (approved by a parent/guardian); or
  • other special circumstances.

Parents/guardians should inform the school of any absences (preferably prior to the absence).

Parents/guardians are responsible for maintaining reasonable continuity in the learning process of their child during any extended absences.  Absences may cause assignments or examinations to be missed.  Please contact your child’s teacher for any missed assignments.  Students are responsible for completing any missed assignments or examinations.  Missed assignments will receive an incomplete rating, which may result in a course outcome not being met.  All curriculum outcomes must be met for students to complete their courses and receive course credit.

Irregular attendance may result in an alternate learning plan for the student.

Dress Code

Students will follow the following dress code guidelines during the school day and at all school activities.

  • No revealing or tight clothes.  Bare midriffs, exposed belly buttons, and excessively short shorts/skirts are unacceptable.
  • Clothing will be free of messages or images contrary to healthy lifestyle choices (i.e. vulgarity, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, offensive language, violence, sexual activity).
  • Exposed underclothing is also unacceptable.

Students wearing such clothes will be asked to find other appropriate attire (or turn clothing inside out, wear gym clothes, or other clothing will be provided for the duration of the school day).

Elementary students are expected to have indoor and outdoor footwear.  Grades 7-12 students are asked to have a separate pair of shoes for the gym.

Preventing Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Drug Use

Effective August 15, 2010, the Government of Saskatchewan proclaimed the ban of all tobacco use on school grounds.  This includes both smoked and smokeless tobacco, but does not apply to the sacred or ceremonial use of tobacco.

Students who smoke should do so off school property and not during the instructional portion of the day.  Failure to comply will result in student suspension.

In accordance with the Education Act and the law, students who are under the influence or in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs will be suspended and parents will be contacted.  As well, students will be referred for addictions counseling.  The RCMP will be involved if necessary.

Playground and Outside Areas

To provide a safe outdoor environment for students to play before, during, and after school, students are expected to:

  • play in designated areas
  • treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • not engage in rough or physically dangerous play, including “play fighting”
  • quickly leave the play area and proceed in an orderly fashion into the school when the bell rings (or when instructed to do so)
  • consume snacks and drinks prior to going outside