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Episode 6 – Out Now!

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We continue our assessment conversation, this time with Jessalyn Brickner, teacher at Colonsay School. The conversation focuses on assessment techniques and considerations for working with elementary students. Check it out here or in the Episodes page.

Episode 5 – Now Available!

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In Episode 5, we sit down for a conversation with Aberdeen Composite teacher, Kevin Cumming. We explore his assessment philosophy, and how he applies that to his everyday teaching. Find this episode, and all others in our Episodes page.

Ep 4 – Indigenous Student Voice – Now Available!

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Our fourth instalment of Let’s Learn Something features Charmain Laroque and Amanda Nelson in a conversation centred around Indigenous Student Voice. Find the full conversation on our Episodes page.

New Episodes

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To start off 2021, we’re releasing two episodes at once! Initially the goal was to follow up our inaugural episode with a look at student voice from a number of different perspectives. But the interviews were so good, we decided to leave them all as stand-alone episodes. So today we’re…

Here We Go!

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It’s official. We have a podcast. You can currently find us on Apple Podcasts by searching for “Let’s Learn Something.” We’ll be coming to the Google Play library and Spotify in the near future, so stay tuned. For now, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or check out our current episodes on…