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Congrats to Jenna!!

Congratulations to Jenna for being selected to be a part of The Youth Forum 2014!  She will be venturing off to Ottawa to spend a week on “the hill” and be a part of the political action.

“Participants gather in Ottawa to learn about government processes, meet decision-makers like MPs and Senators and discuss important issues with other young leaders from across the country.

During each session, participants have the chance to go behind the shiny lights of Parliament to understand how policy and political decisions get made at the federal level by meeting the people who make and influence decisions.  They meet with MPs, Senators, senior Public Servants, business leaders and media to find out how it all works.

As they gain a better understanding of the system, they get to put it into practice by running as candidates in an election, tackling tough issues in a Cabinet meeting simulation and delving into contentious issues by offering solutions and ideas to specific fields such as the environment, energy and the economy.

On top of all this, participants get to learn from each other as they explore a bit of Ottawa, celebrate their successes as local leaders and encourage each other for the future.

Find out what young leaders are saying about Forum on social media and take a look at our blog where we encourage discussion on political issues!”


Congrats Jenna!  We know you will represent Asquith well 🙂



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